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Spring Chapter Meeting

Chattanooga, Tennessee

11-13 April 2014

Chattanooga, Tennessee was a first for our chapter meetings. We Moved from the High Mountain Country of Eastern Tennessee to the lowlands of the Tennessee River. Our AO was the Days Inn on Carter Street, just a few blocks from the Tennessee River and our host(s) were our chapter Secretary, Mitch Greene and our chapter president, Art McRae. We did have enough members to hold an official meeting but unfortunately fell short by about 6-7 rooms per night to have the Hospitality Room free of charge.

Our chapter President tried to set up an excursion to that famous train known as the Chattanooga Choo Choo on Friday night but everyone was more interested in learning the ins and outs of what was happening within the Chapter from our last meeting in Gatlinburg in January and this meeting in April. And so the motion to go to the Chattanooga Choo Choo had the same demise as the previous motion about the chapter paying for the hospitality room.

Also, I'm not sure about the facts here, but I understand there was one lady who partook in consuming a bottle of wine (or some other liquid drink), which had the affect of Slo Gin. She was feeling no pain that night, but, like the after affects of Slo Gin, she wasn't really into it the next morning.

On Saturday, the ladies decided to try their luck at the various shopping areas in and around Chattanooga. They departed the AO at 1000 hours and failed to return prior to 1700 hours. Those ladies who are considered "Shopanistas" thought the day held too few hours. Those ladies who liked the in/out shopping spree, thought the day held too many hours.

The chapter members held their business meeting. The candidates for the Scholarship money were discussed as was the Wounded Soldier Bear Hunt. We had an update on the Chapter Paver program at National. Also a motion was made that the chapter would pay for any monies due for the cost of the Hospitality Room if there were not enough rooms reserved for the week end to pay for the Hospitality Room. Unfortunately this motion was never discussed, seconded or approved so I guess it is still an outstanding motion for the next meeting. Last item discussed is how the chapter will re-enact the “The Court Martial of Smokey Taylor” at the National Convention in South Carolina. Also, a motion was made, discussed, seconded and approved that the Chapter reduce the number of meetings from 4/year to 3/year. Future meetings will be Jan-Apr, May-Aug, and Sep-Dec. Not sure if the National Convention will constitute one of these meetings (May-Aug). The Fall meeting has all ready been planned so the 3/year concept will commence on 1 January 2015.

The Fall chapter meeting will be held in Newport, Kentucky on the 1st weekend of September 2014. Jack Heist will host this meeting. You may want to attend this one, guys and gals. Jack has set this meeting up to coincide with the huge Oktoberfest held each year in Newport. The motel will be the Redroof Inn, Cincinnati airport. More information will be forth coming from Jack and El Presidente.

The Winter meeting is scheduled for Columbus, Georgia sometime in January 2015. This will be the kick-off for the 3 meetings/year. That's all the information I have at the moment on Columbus, Georgia. I’ll update the BB as more information becomes available.

If the May-Aug meeting is going to be held in conjunction with the National Convention, our next get-together will be sometime in the Sep-Dec 2015 time frame.

The Summer meeting will be in conjunction with the SFA Convention in Columbia, SC in June. Like I said before, there may be a re-enactment of the “Court Martial of Smokey Taylor” sometime during that week.

Enjoy and we'll see you in Newport, Kentucky in September (Oktoberfest)

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