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Winter Chapter Meeting - January 2008

Brevard, North Carolina
18 - 20 January 2008

It was debatable if this meeting was a go or a no-go. A massive winter storm hit the southeast on Wednesday, 16 January 2008. Snow was the forecast for all the southern states from Florida northward to Virginia and from Mississippi eastward to the Carolinas. Our AO would be covered in a blanket of snow twelve feet (well at least an inch or two) deep. All members of this chapter were on pins and needles, gnawing at their fingernails, gnawing to the very quick, waiting for the word---go or no-go?

The final decision to abort the meeting or to go for it was made at 1600 hours on Thursday, 17 January 2008. The blanket e-mail spread across the chapter AO like wild fire. It's a GO!

A few of the faint of heart decided to forgo the e-mail and stay home but, for the most part, the die-hards were out in force and ready to party. We ended up with thirty-three (nice number, what?) members and guests. Add the spouses, girl-friends and better-halves to this mix and you have, what some would call, the makings of a good fiesta---OLE!

The ladies decided to brave the bitterly cold wind and icy (well maybe not icy) roads of Brevard and see what new stores had been added to the town since our last meeting in Brevard. The men, of course, huddled around the snack counter and bar partaking of their favorite beverage and munching their favorite finger food. And there was plenty of both.

The double whammy storm was scheduled to hit our AO again on Saturday but I guess the weather people were looking at the wrong computer display. Saturday started out like the previous day ended...cold, windy and clear. Once again the ladies braved the elements to do their shopping (just how many stores does Brevard have?) and once again, the men did what they do best, lounge around the hospitality room waiting for the meeting to commence.

All the old business was taken care of and all of the new business was taken care of and our guest speaker, who was none other than our very own Wayne Naihe, briefed us on his exploits in Southeast Asia. Bob Charest also briefed us on the Veterans of Special Forces (www.verteransofspecialforces.org) mission.

Smokey Taylor was brought up on charges of failing to use the correct caliber weapon when he was accosted by a vagabond. You can read all about the dastardly events and his subsequent court martial in the Brevard Daily

All members were instructed to be back in the hospitality room at 1800 hours for appetizers of stuffed mushrooms, spinach dip and ceasar salad. The buffet rounded out the evening with the chicken marsala, lasagna, roasted potatoes and too many cakes and pies to mention. Needless to say, the good wine was brought up from the cellar for this occasion.

Our compliments to Mike and Maggie DiRocco for their efforts of the evening.

We all went to bed Saturday night wondering if we would be leaving out of Brevard on Sunday. The weather people's forecast for the area was freezing cold, lots of snow and probably what liquid that was on the roads would be ice by morning. Atlanta, we were told, was blanketed in the white stuff and at midnight the Weather Channel was saying all roads leading out of Atlanta were frozen. Those of us who were from the Atlanta/North Georgia Mountains were making plans to remain in Brevard another day.

Sunday morning came early and the motel suddenly slanted to one side as everyone ran to their windows to see what Old Man Weather had brought us. Alas and alack! The sky was clear, the ground was bare and nary a snow flake was to be seen. Once again the weather people were looking at the wrong computer screen when they made the forecast the night before. However, one of their predictions, the cold, did come true. I think Brevard was basking in something like sixteen degree heat.

So we all loaded the trucks, vans, cars and buggies for the long drive home. Thus our winter chapter meeting came to a close. Everyone met for a final time in the lobby to munch on goodies and drink the coffee and say good-bye until April and our Spring Chapter Meeting in Ashville, NC.

I have snapped a few photos of this meeting and you can view them at your leisure. Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Brevard Hampton Inn this last weekend and hope to see you in Ashville, NC on 11 - 13 April 2008 for our Spring Meeting. Right now the Days Inn is scheduled to be our Team Home. Any additional information or changes to the current information will be published on the Alert Page of our Chapter Web site.

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