Winter Chapter Meeting – January 2010

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

22-24 January 2010

First let me apologize for the lateness of this meeting report. Events have occurred that were beyond my control. On 8 January 2010, Maid Marion went under the knife for a full knee replacement (I'm not too sure what a partial knee replacement is but I suppose it's only half an operation, half the pain, half the therapy and half the recovery time).

What we thought was going to be a breeze (relatively speaking of course) has turned out to be one hell of a nightmare. And to top it off, your humble photographer and general all-around nice guy, was doing double duty as care-taker, housefrau, cook and bottle washer. For all you ladies out there who have spent your lives raising a family, working, taking care of the house and home and even waiting on the man of the house, I applaud your intestinal fortitude and dedication to maintaining a household of unappreciated spouses and ankle-biters. I can now cook, wash, clean and even take care of a sick person. What I couldn't do was find the time to work on this chapter report.

Because of the events that occurred in the James’ household in early January we were unable to make the Winter Meeting in Gatlinburg (an event Maid Marion will never forgive me or the doctor for). So, consequently, this disposition will be short and limited in content. I have had glowing reports from various members who did attend the meeting that it was probably one of the best meetings we've had. I'm told Sid put on a fantastic show and the hotel was exceptional as far as accommodations and help were concerned.

So for the remainder of this narrative, I will pass the baton to Bennie McDonold. He was “Photographer Extraordinaire” and I have included his photos from the meeting as a finalé to this narrative.

I've created two slide shows (which I hope you can access). This is my first attempt at this slideshow business so bear with me. Hopefully, the Gatlinburg Dinner/Awards and the Gatlinburg Auction shows will work for you. Click on the photo to watch them.

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Gatlinburg. The Spring Meeting, scheduled for April, is supposed to be in Ashville, NC, hosted by Bill Long. More info about this meeting will be forthcoming. Check the Chapter Alert site for any late info or changes.

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