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Summer Chapter Meeting

Knoxville, Tennessee

   23–25 July 2021

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It has been a long, long, hard eighteen months since Covid-19 created this international crisis. A pandemic no living person remembers unless you are a super centenarian. The vaccines may have worked, and the mandates have eased, and Chapter XXXIII held its first meeting at the Baymont Suites in Knoxville, Tennessee, on 23-25 July 2021.

We hoped for a better turnout because of the many months of lockdown. However, the 14 attendees were presented with an outing fit for a king (or a queen).

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough members attending, even with proxies, to hold a business meeting. The size of our Chapter dictates we have at least 20 members present for a business meeting. Our Chapter has passed the 4 decades mark, which means our members have added at least 40 more years to their lifeline. Many have succumbed to that malady known as Old Age, which prevents them from driving long distances just to attend a meeting. Several ideas were discussed as to how we can have a quorum.

Rose Marie Susana Orange briefed the Chapter on her plans for finishing her education and thanked the Chapter for giving her the scholarship. Good luck, Miss Orange in your future endeavors.

We did fill the Vice President position, which was vacated by the untimely death of Billie Phipps. Henderson R. Mariott was nominated for this position, which he accepted and was sworn in. Now all we need is a volunteer for the Secretary position. Sid is gnawing at the bit to return to simple member status.

Dinners for Friday and Saturday were on your own. The members and their ladies had no problems finding an eating establishment among the many fine restaurants within walking distance of the Baymont.

There wouldn’t be a Chapter XXXIII meeting without the Saturday night Chapter Auction. This event is covered mainly by the ladies of the Chapter. They usually hold the purse strings and have no compunction about cutting them. There are times when tempers flare and the bidding skyrockets. There were two such events at the Auction this time. The proceeds from our auctions go to the Scholarship fund, so tempers may flare, but it was all in good fun.

Harry Matthews did a fantastic job as stand-in for our Chief Auctioneer, Stan Shank. The Chapter Coffers were replenished by $693. Ellie Lowe fought tooth and nail for the Bobby Burke knife, and Dave Hensley wouldn’t allow anyone to outbid him for the Flag. The Knife went for $150, and the Flag for $105. Wanda Woodhead walked off with the single secret prize. She refused to give us the dollar amount she paid for it.

And, like all good things, this long-awaited meeting ended on Sunday, 25 July 2021. We gathered in the dining room for breakfast and coffee and to bid a safe journey home to each other. Many members lived in and around Knoxville. Others made the trip home in 5-6 hours, while some drove it in two days. Talk about dedication.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 3-5 December 2021. It will also be held at the Baymont Suites. As always, any member of the SFA family is welcome to join us at our meetings. The information will be posted on the Chapter website Bulletin Board: The BB will be updated as needed.

A few photos were taken and are placed on this page for your viewing pleasure.

Remember! Our meetings are BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle). Chapter XXXIII no longer furnishes the hard stuff. All alcoholic beverages are the responsibility of each member. The Chapter will provide soft drinks and water.

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