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Spring Chapter Meeting

Days Inn Asheville Mall, North Carolina

01 – 03 May 2015

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Bill and Kaye Long, assisted by Mike and Maggie DiRocco, hosted this ‘Thrice-yearly’ Spring meeting at the Days Inn, Asheville Mall. They had reserved 25 rooms and, since we had a total of twenty-seven (three guests and 24 members) attending the meeting, I believe the chapter met the 25-room requirement to have the Team Room donated by the Days Inn. A tip of the Beret to our members for keeping the attendance record moving.

Friday the temperature hovered in the low 60’s and a cool – no cold, wind out of the North created a skin-cooling temperature of about 57 degrees. Those of us who arrived on Thursday, spent most of this cold Friday in Asheville and Black Mountain shopping. By Friday night the Days Inn, Asheville Mall was bustling with troops milling around the bar area looking for someone who would listen to their war stories. And again, like at all the other meetings, there was this nerdish-looking guy walking around snapping pictures of everyone and everything. If you look to the right of this prose, you will see thumbnail sketches of some of the photos this nerdish-looking guy snapped. If any thumbnail sketch grips your fancy, click on the photo of your choice to enlarge it.

Friday evening most of the troops disappeared to the Bavarian Hofbrauhaus for some German cuisine or to the Texas Steak House for a steak of your choice (and thickness). We didn’t see them until somewhere close to the Witching Hour. The rest of us sat around the Team Room sipping the drink of our choice and telling those war stories from Viet Nam, Korea, WWII and WWI (I don’t think we have anyone from the Spanish-American war).

Saturday arrived early — Actually, no earlier than normal, but for those troops who decided to close the Team Room at Zero Dark Thirty, Saturday came early. Most of us enjoyed the free buffet and coffee hosted by the Days Inn Asheville Mall.

The temperature for the day was in the high 60’s and low 70’s. A very nice day for the ladies to spread out across Asheville and Black Mountain for a long, bountiful day of shopping. The men hung around the Team Room waiting for the business meeting to begin.

Art McRae, our President, called the meeting to order at 1330 hours. We had the normal activities of introducing ourselves and prayer. Stan briefed us on the Pavers and suggested an additional $40.00 for a paver for Terrell S. Taylor, who died on 25 July 2010. This money was approved and Stan will add Terrell’s name to the final list of pavers. Chapter XXXIII now has a paver for each deceased chapter member.

Nominations were sought for the new slate of officers which will be installed at the October meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee. Art McRae and Jim Godwin will serve a second term as president and vice-president. Ron Bruce will be the new secretary. The position of treasurer remains vacant.

There were a number of absentees at this meeting. “Bull” Durham is undergoing chemo for lung cancer. He is being cared for by his daughter. Irvin Boatwright is also undergoing chemo. He has cancer of the tongue and the doctors had to remove it. He is also in rehab learning how to swallow. “Smokey” Taylor continues to undergo Dialysis at his home. Johnny Meadows continues to have problems with diabetes. Bobby Burke is limited in his travels because of the stroke he had last year. And then there’s Doctor Dale Betterton. He went to Africa to help with the Ebola outbreak and was placed in isolation prior to leaving Africa. He is now trying to get to Nepal to help with the earthquake victims.

John Brown, LTG (Ret) was the guest speaker. He spoke on a number of subjects:

At 1830 hours the chapter gathered in front of the Days Inn Asheville Mall and proceeded, in convoy, to Black Mountain. We had reserved tables for about forty people at the Berliner Kindl. Since this number of diners would fill the restaurant, the proprietor, Frau Sharon Trube, closed the doors for the evening. For the next couple of hours, we enjoyed the company of the Chapter and the young ladies who served up the fantastic German fare. You can view some photos of the evening on their web site — and click on the icon for Facebook. I will ask Berliner Kindl to allow a link back to our chapter Spring meeting.

Sunday morning was a time for good-byes and, for some, long drives home. It was a good meeting and the Chapter continues to set the records.

Block off your calendars for the first week-end in October 2015 for the ‘Thrice-yearly’ Fall meeting.

Remember the Chapter will not furnish alcohol at any meeting. Meetings are alcohol free unless you bring your own refreshments.

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