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Fall Chapter Meeting - October 2008

Americus, Georgia
16 - 19 October 2008

Bennie and Margie McDonald were hosts for this meeting and for the second time the Jameson Inn in Americus, Georgia was base camp for our Fall meeting. Predictions were flying rampant that we would only have 6-9 members available and, like the meeting in Americus two years earlier, we would not have enough members for a business meeting. Rumors of possible meeting cancellation were eminent. Bennie and Margie held firm but were a little apprehensive as 16 October drew to a close and only a couple members had signed in at the Jameson Inn. However, by Friday night the team room was a virtual beehive, teeming with members, spouses and guests. Twenty-three members along with their better halves and four guests sat around the tables, munching on finger foods the Jameson Inn had provided and partaking in the spirits of choice. Some guests had traveled from as far away as Wisconsin to partake of the hospitality of the Jameson Inn and Chapter XXXIII Fall meeting.

We held our business meeting at 1100 hours on Saturday morning. The reason for this was two-fold.
One---General Guest was supposed to speak at the local college and our early meeting would have allowed anyone who wanted to attend that affair time to make the all important Chapter business meeting and still have time to attend General Guest's speech. The only problem was General Guest had to cancel the speech at the last moment.
Two---We discussed the proposed changes to the SFA Constitution and Articles of Incorporation. The discussions at times became heated and involved but in the end those of us who had not voted were given ballots and were asked to vote their conscience. Our Chapter Secretary, Bennie McDonald, then instructed each member who had voted to place their ballot in the envelope provided. Bennie made sure no one touched or viewed the individual ballots except the person submitting them. Bennie then sealed the envelope and this would be mailed to SFA HQ post haste. The Fall meeting in Americus was planned and voted on at the Summer meeting in July in Kennasaw, Georgia. At that time there was no indication that the Fall meeting would take on such monumental changes. It was only during the week or so before our meeting in Americus that our President, Bill Long, had accepted the letter of resignation from our Vice-President, Mike DiRocco. Bill then asked Jim Hash to accept the position of Vice President. Jim accepted this position. Once Jim accepted the position as Vice President, he, Bill Long, resigned as President. Bill asked that his letter of resignation be read into the minutes of the chapter business meeting in Americus. This was done.

Bennie McDonald made the motion that Jim Hash be appointed to serve out the remaining term of Bill Long's Presidency. This motion was carried by unanimous vote. Jim then asked Sid Morgan to serve out Mike DiRocco's unfinished term of Vice President. Sid so accepted the position. Both were sworn in as President and Vice President by our legal council, Bert Bates.

Jim then appointed Ken Stickney to head the Nominating Committee to pick the candidates for the next election to be held in May, 2009. This would allow the new officers to represent the Chapter at the SFA National Convention in Las Vegas in June, 2009.

Our new board of officers as of 18 October 2008 are:

President:                  Jim Hash
Vice President:      Sid Morgan
Secretary:  Bennie McDonald
Treasurer:  Margie McDonald

Our meeting ended about noon-ish but the voting and ballot collection continued for an hour or so later. Once all this ended, the meats and cheeses and other goodies that Wayne Naihe brought down from Patak's Meat Market, were laid out on the tables and we munched and partook in the spirits of the day until the world-renown, famous Bar-B-Que at 1800 hours.

People moved in and out of the team room. Most of the men were watching the football game on TV in the hotel lounge. I suppose they were really enjoying the game until Sid Morgan happened to walk into the lounge and notice that the quarterback for one of the teams had been a pro-football pick four years earlier. This news, of course, was devastating to Art McRae. He had a rather significant sum riding on the outcome. Now everyone knew they had been watching a game that had occurred four years earlier.

Life's a bitch, Art!

And so Sunday came and like all our meetings, Sundays also mean the end is in sight. We drank our coffee, munched a couple of biscuits, drank more coffee, paid the hotel rooms and said our good-byes.

So ended one of the most tumultuous chapter meeting we had ever had as well as one of the best meetings, a meeting that wasn't suppose to be.

Our next meeting will be held in Gainsville, Georgia on 16-18 January, 2009. Our host hotel will be the Quality Inn. Binnie and Margie McDonald will also host this one. We should have a fantastic meeting if Americus is any indication of our potential.

Our hat's off to Bennie and Margie McDonald and the Jameson Inn in Americus for an outstanding Fall meeting. If you didn't make this one, you missed something that will probably never happen again.

I have snapped a few photos of this meeting and you can view them at your leisure. You can also view the photos that were not used in the previous link. Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Jameson Inn in Americus this last weekend and hope to see you in Gainsville, Georgia for our Winter Meeting. Check the Chapter web site for any updates to our January meeting.

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