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Fall Chapter Meeting

Baymont Inn & Suites, Knoxville, Tennessee

16 – 18 Oct 2015

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I did not attend this meeting so the information about what actually happened has to be taken with a grain of salt. These are the facts as I know them.

Ron Bruce was the host for this meeting and from what I understand he did a fantastic job. We have had many meetings at the Baymont Inn so I suspect, Ron Bruce was a well-known name in those hallowed halls.

It was also the meeting held to install the new officers for the next two years. The installation of officers was held at the Peerless Restaurant adjacent to the hotel. The newly elected officers are:

Some of the photos displayed on the right may look familiar but they were part of the packet given me. You can view them at your leisure.

The Winter meeting is going to be in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on 22-24 January 2016. As usual the weather in Gatlinburg in January can be pretty hairy. Still we've had meeting there in January and we've seemed to come out okay. Sid Morgan is the host for that meeting and he will send out the Alert Order in sufficient time for everyone to make their arraignments.

See you in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in January 2016.

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